Pool Designs

Pool Designs


  • Modern Appearance
  • Available in 6 Lengths
  • Safety Foot Ledge

This square edge design has a distinct and modern look. Access is one of the greatest features this design has to offer, with entry points from the centre step and seating on the middle, right side and deep end. This range also includes a safety foot ledge around the entire pool.

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Design Contemporary


  • Family Design
  • Practical Size
  • Deep End Seat

The Urban pool is a Coral Reef Pools best seller; big enough for the whole family to enjoy, yet practical enough for smaller backyards. With a seating area at the deep end so you can relax and watch the kids play.

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Design Urban


  • New & Ready for Order
  • Available in 3 Lengths
  • Safety Foot Ledge

The Waterhole is a great addition to any space. With 3 sizes available you can be sure to find the right one to fit.

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The Waterhole

Design Waterhole


  • 7, 8 & 9 metre design
  • Unique shape

Be the first to own the new ultra- modern ‘Venice’ design from Coral Reef Pools. With a unique shape that will fit a variety of backyard areas and compliment any modern home, this family friendly design offers an Extra safety ledge, dynamic stair design and swim out.

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The Venice

Design Venice


  • Suits Narrow Space
  • Perfect For Laps
  • Consistent Depth

This is a type of pool primarily designed to be used for fitness and health purposes. Our lap pools are long and narrow in shape and consistent in depth. Lap pools are a great option for narrow or shallow lots and can be a focal point for the yard in these situations.

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Lap Pool

Design Lap Pool


  • ‘Left-side’ Entry
  • Optimum Swim Space
  • Safety Foot Ledge

The Oz is a left-side design with entry steps and seating on the left side of the shallow end. There is also extra seating located on the left side at the deep end of the swimming pool to optimise swimming space. A safety foot ledge is also included with the Oz.

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The Oz

Design Oz


  • Generous Seating
  • Maximum Swim Space
  • Compact Design

The cute, kidney shaped design of the Miami allows maximum swimming space in a small area. This pool is ideal for a courtyard or a backyard with limited space.

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Design Miami


  • ‘Right-side’ Entry
  • Deep-end Seating
  • Safety Foot Ledge

The practical and attractive design of the Classic pool includes entry steps at the shallow end and a seat on each side if the deep end of the pool. A safety foot ledge frames the periphery of the Classic.

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The Classic

Design Classic


  • Elegant Appearance
  • Functional Design
  • Generous Seating
  • Safety Foot Ledge

The Caesar swimming pool boasts an elegant yet functional design with entry steps at the shallow end and a generous seating area at the deep end. Each side of the pool features a safety foot ledge.

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Design Caesar


  • Right-side’ Entry
  • Generous Seating
  • Safety Grip Rail
  • Safety Foot Ledge

The Harvest swimming pool is a ‘right side’ design with entry steps on the right side at the shallow end. The left side of the swimming pool is complimented with a seating area at the deep and shallow end. Available in 6 lengths, all sizes feature a safety grip rail and foot ledge.

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The Harvest

Design Harvest


  • Spa & Pool-in-1
  • Seating on both sides

With seating featured on the right and left sides of the pool, the Swim Spa can be used as both a relaxing spa and swimming pool. Ask us about including massage jets and a blower system with your swim spa so you can achieve the full spa experience for a quarter of the price.

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Swim Spa

Design Swim Spa