How much does it cost to install a fibreglass swimming pool?

Providing an exact cost or indication can be difficult due to the number of variables including:

  • Access
  • Pool Size / Design / Colour
  • Cranes
  • Choice of Filtration / Chlorination
  • Choice of Optional Extras - Heating / Spa Jets / Water Features
  • Landscaping – Paving / Concrete / Fencing / Retaining Walls

However our team is happy and able to discuss high level indications over the phone during an introductory consultation.

What access is required for a pool installation?

Good news! Coral Reef Pools can install a pool on just about any property! Feel free to contact us to perform an obligation free site inspection to confirm your most suitable access.

How do I know if any service lines are running through my proposed pool area?

Using our online tools and applications, Coral Reef Pools conduct routine preliminary site inspection checks over the phone; providing you with clear and concise information about your land within a matter of minutes.

How long does the pool installation process take?

A standard pool installation takes approximately 7 - 10 working days which includes excavation, dirt removal, pool installation, filtration connection and concrete bond beam.

Do I need to contact council in order to have my pool approved?

No. Coral Reef Pools chooses to use Complying Development Certification through the use of a Private Certifier wherever possible saving you time and money. Council Development Applications may be required pending site inspections and routine checks. Regardless, Coral Reef Pools takes care of the entire certification process.

What is the warranty you provide on your fibreglass pool shells?

Coral Reef Pools offers a 25 year structural warranty on all our fibreglass shells. We use only premium and quality materials to guarantee your pool is structurally sound for a minimum of 25 years offering you and your family peace of mind.