Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Pool Heating


Extend your swim season to all year round

Blanket & Roller

Blanket Roller

Keep your pool clean from leaves and debris and maintain water temperature

Water Features

Water Feature

Enhance your pool area with a custom designed water feature built to your specific requirements

Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pump

Maximise your energy efficiencies and save up to 80% on energy costs

Mineral Chlorination

Mineral Chlorination

Discover the secret to exceptional pool water with magnesium-rich minerals for premium water quality that feels silky smooth and is crystal clear

Blower Systems

Indulge in your very own mini-spa inside your pool

Spa Jets

Sit back and unwind with massage jets for added comfort and relaxation

Deck Jets

deck jets

Create an arching stream from pavers to pool where the flow and direction are simple to adjust without tools

3D Pool Images

3D Images

To help you visualise your new private oasis and surrounds